Sophia Davis-Fagan is a life and mindset coach, a trainer and speaker ( Sophia is also a writer for The Huffington Post. Sophia helps people to get their mindset at the place where it propels them to take action to achieve the goals they set for themselves. She holds a Master of Science degree in Counselling and Consulting Psychology and a Postgraduate certificate in Global Business Management from Humber Business School.

Sophia has been a trainer for more than ten years. She has a passion for helping people; for many years, Sophia has volunteered her time to help individuals make better choices to fulfill their purposes in life. Sophia believes that your mind dictates what our body does and even in what is perceived to be a negative situation there’s always the opportunity to learn something.

In 2015, Sophia was a part of a team that trained several hundred personnel for the inaugural Pan Am Games in Canada. Yes, Sophia loves sporting activities.

For fourteen years, Sophia has served her country in the capacity of a police officer and was elevated to the rank of Sergeant of Police. As a direct result of this, Sophia has been nationally awarded the Medal of Honour for dedicated and efficient service.

Sophia intends to use her book to reach more people who are experiencing or have experienced a setback or challenge which have kept them stuck for far too long. Your setback could be mindset, excuses, limiting beliefs or just being stuck. Sophia knows that it is possible to be a victor of your circumstances, rather than being a victim as she herself has been challenged by a major setback when she was only 16 years old. Sophia became a teen mom, but she refused to allow that experience to hinder her progress. Instead, Sophia continued to dream big, believe in her dreams and doubled her efforts and accomplished her goals. The daughter she had at 16 has now graduated from university with her bachelor’s degree. Sophia believes that out setbacks are most times in our minds and if she did it, anyone can do it too.

Sophia is now on a quest to transform the lives of as many people as possible who are constrained by their setbacks whether mindset or otherwise. She intends to help those individuals to use their mindset to find their passion and to live the fulfilled and purposeful life they are meant to live. Sophia postulates, you have a purpose, find it and live it!